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„Altimed“ devices of  resonant and frequency diagnostics and therapy  provide complex of diagnostic and treatment services.
They have passed:
•  Eurocertification
•  Certification of Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine
ATM Expres-Vega in the form of addition to ATM-Express
Level of modern diagnostics and therapy should consider interferences of systems of an organism, their functional coordination and adequacy. Necessity differentiation of levels of psychosomatic and functional infringements, and just as their consequences – fabric changes is quite proved.
To obtain the diagnostic data of similar level, and as to spend a complex, system estimation of a condition of an organism diagnostics allows vegetative-resonance. The technique is a noninvasive method and answers questions of cause and effect relations and mechanisms of development of a pathology.

ATM Express Interactive BRT

Enhance opportunities for therapy and diagnostics for hardware-software complex, ATM, using the functionality IBRT. This tool allows to improve the quality of care by minimizing the subjective factor in the analysis of indicators, which is especially critical when using a doctor in the early stages of working with hardware – software system ATM-Express Test.

Therapeutic complex АТМ

Firm «Аltimed» represents new hi-tech, multifunction develop – therapeutic complex АТМ. This, next stage of development of not invazive biocybernetics medical technique in the field of integrative medicine. The device is the unique multifunctional medical device of new generation, with the wide spectrum of therapeutic possibilities allowing effective and complex to decide a number of problems in medicine, cosmetology, sporting medicine and regeneration, including and those which do not decide by the traditional methods of therapy. A device does not have analogues on Ukraine and abroad.



A device includes 10 base functions

A device includes 10 base functions which it is possible to use in combination:

1.    Antimycotic
2.    Anti-virus-bacterial
3.    Antiparasitic- protozoal
4.    Electric stimulation of nervous ways program antipain 1. The purpose of application is reduction of pain syndrome of neuralgic character
5.    Electric stimulation of muscular fabrics of antipain 2. The purpose of application is reduction of pain syndrome of muscular genesis
6.    Antipain program for reduction of chronic pain syndrome
7.    Program – fitness. The purpose of application is the massage action caused by electric signals
8.    Аnticellulitis
9.    The program is «antiage»
10.    Program of drainage of lymph


The device for information carrying over the Transfer-ionizer

It Transfer – an ionizer. Allows to spend active carrying over of information properties of preparations on potential carriers, and also to spend ionisation of water by silver ions (To preparation of “silver” water “Altimed” applies only silver of test of Sr 999,9.) One of interesting features of the ionized water, its firmness clusteral structure and accordingly information properties that is provided with presence of stabilizing effect from outside the ions of silver built in cluster structure and influencing electromagnetic interactions of quanta making it of water is. The ionized water faster and is easier gets into body fabrics, providing high bioavailability of the information which have been written down in its structure.



Balance of oxidizing and restorations biochemical processes is functional basis of vital functions of organism in him. The structural staple of biological organism is water, basic solvent, is responsible for the flow of these processes. Intensity of oxidizing-restorations reactions depends on activity of electrons in waters solutions.
Cluster organization of water allows to use its intramolecular induction. Thus intramolecular potential of water can be the modulated external structured electromagnetic influence. The electrons of molecule of water, which the field of left rotation is revealed to, are acceptor: energy of electrons actively co-operates with an endogenous water environment and takes away free radicals at molecular groups. Such water is apt at destruction of intermolecular relations, to oxidization of molecules. If external designing electromagnetic influence reveals the right-side rotation to the molecule of water, the reported energy of electrons is actively passed, «intrude» upon to intracellular relations, stabilizing the chemical reactions.