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Possibilities of the diagnostic equipment allow:

  • to investigate the general power balance of an organism,
  • to define in the circumstances its reserves of adaptation Influence degree on an organism of biopathogenic factors of environment: geopathogenic and radioactive loadings, electromagnetic burdening.
  • Probability of display of the diseases connected with hereditary predisposition (a diabetes, a stroke, a heart attack, a hypertension, oncology and so forth) The latent psychological reasons of diseases (uncertainty, fear, insult, depression, stress etc.).
  • Initial stage of any pathological process, on pre-clinical level of display of illness when its symptoms are not expressed or in general are absent.
  • Biological age of an organism as a whole, and also biological age of separate bodies.
  • Condition of immune, nervous systems, blood, a lymph etc.
  • Condition endocrine systems and to correct it without application of hormonal preparations.
  • Presence at an organism of any kind of viruses, bacteria, mushrooms, worms, their localisation and activity degree.
  • Vitamins lacking to an organism, microcells, enzymes.
  • Presence gangliac, fibrous processes, etc.
  • To reveal infringements in a backbone and changes in the bodies connected with vertebras.
  • To establish initially amazed body, the most amazed body, to reveal all pathological chain.
  • To check up approach or not to the concrete person foodstuff, prosthodontic and orthopedic materials, cosmetic means and jewels, amulets, stones etc.
  • Presence of the congenital or got intoxication, and also degree of negative influence on an organism of various pathogenic agents: heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, nitrates, etc.
  • To define an allergy kind, to establish its reason, and as to test any kind of allergens.
  • Toxic loading, psychosomatic loading.
  • Degree of efficiency and compatibility of any accepted medical products, food additives,vitamins, and also possibility of their collateral action without introduction of these means in an organism.