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Phyto-line “SmartMed” is based on experience, gained over the centuries: the use of these products proves their highest efficiency and their positive impact on the human body. All drugs – are complex sets (the content of some elements is measured by hundredths of a gram) of several flora species, a very fine work on the micro-level. Thus, micro-doses result in macro-effect.

Modern science pays great attention to the study of the plants characteristics, thus herbal therapy is recognized as a completely independent treatment method and a great addition to medication. It is unknown what actually is more traditional: modern herbal therapy or pharmacotherapy, which basically uses the healing properties of herbs and minerals. The person perceives herbs, grown in his habitat, best of all. And Phyto-line “SmartMed” is that magic elixir that brought up at Poltava land – the cleanest region of Ukraine. Even Peter the 1-st had his apothecary gardens in this region and today Poltava region is the source of high quality and ecologically pure herbs.

Before the first purchase of drugs it is recommended to consult with a doctor of integrative medicine clinic "SmartMed"