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  Stomach cancer is the most frequent growth (90%) of all gastric tumocs.  This is a deadful medical and social problem for people in in countries all  world. Stomach cancer still occupies the first place among the malign  frequency of morbidity and mortality . For  the past 15 years 450 ??? patients were enlisted in the clinics of Ukraine ‘s  Institute of Gastroenterology of the Academy of Medical Science.

   The first place by frequency takes gastric cancer (n=230 patients). 68  patients  beetween 1986 and 2002 in the oncological  diseases, 25 of them had a diagnostic of gastric cancer. We propose new proven  diagnostics for gastric cancer patients on dysplasia level. This is a method of  bioenergetics diagnisis of the human physiological state. Hereby methods of  biolocation and electric acupuncture diagnosis are used. The method allows to  diagnose gastric cancer 3-5-8-10 years before its display. This method also  allow to make an effective conservative, cytostatic therapy and further  enabling an effective use of the main operture method of treatment in the given  cases. Thorugh the proposed method it is also possible to use cryosurgery in  the given cases effectively. In addition, an effective prophylactic of gastric  cancer can be ensured. Finally, this method allows to make oncopathological  screenings in a quick and effective manner with the majoruty of the population.

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